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"Foggy and Pregnant; with Shark and Gull"


"Foggy and Pregnant; with Shark and Gull" is one of 4 vigorous drawings made into an exquisite 16" x 20" Archival giclee print on 305 gsm ultra-white Epson paper.
Limited to 9 prints. Each print is hand titled dated edition number and signed.

This series entitled 'Smmmmeeeaar Campaign', is my eclectic perception of foes, heroes, beauty and self; it is drawings within drawings by means of
rhythmic self-hallucinating delusions of ink and brush to paper. Bet that sounds pretty Art school eh?

Here are the details:

First Print orders will go out the first week of JUNE 1, 2018. So please be patient.

All orders will be shipped via Priority USPS with tracking.

Multiple print orders will automatically have combined shipping.